In its broadest aspect, our work is linked to a world-wide family of friends who seek common-ground around the principles, precepts and person of Jesus. We seek to do this in way that transcends differences of race, tribe, religious or political affiliations. We also put a lot of emphasis on long-term commitments to each other, rather than seeing relationships as temporary conveniences.


Our community and programs in East and Central Africa are structured in three stages of a vertically integrated investment in the young emerging leaders we work with:

1st Stage:
This stage is the entry point to our movement and it involves creating life-transforming learning environments in our mentoring homes, schools and Cornerstone Leadership Academies. This provides a core from which we impact many other schools in the region through various other programs.

2nd Stage:
This stage supports our young leaders during their college years and their involvement in various career development initiatives that will enable them to move into key positions of influence within society. Through these individuals and initiatives we impact thousands of other students on many of the most of the prominent university campuses across the region.

3rd Stage:
This stage is about maintaining ongoing fellowship/support groups after college that support the personal and spiritual growth of our alumni so that they go through life aligned with the best values and principles. Through this, we support these relationships and networks to cultivate an innumerable amount of life-transforming grass-roots initiatives that have impact on all sectors of society.

Below is a graphic that illustrates the programs involved in this process. The image is derived from tea towel that we give to friends and visitors, but it serves this purpose too!

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We use the principles, precepts, and person of Jesus as a source of shared foundational values because it is our experience over the past 30 years that they can create common ground for people of all different religious backgrounds.

Author and Pastor B. Cavey described it this way: “Consider the possibility that Jesus is in an unparalleled position to offer spiritual help for all people, regardless of their religious background. Think of it. A rabbi to the Jews, a prophet to the Muslims, an avatar to the Hindus, an enlightened one to the Buddhists, the Son of God to the Christians, a wise teacher to secularists, and a ‘friend of sinners’ to the rest of us.”

Jesus’ character and life also serves as a model for leadership, integrity, unity and relationships.”