The broadest aspect of our vision involves a world-wide family of friends – who find common ground around the message, ideas and example of Jesus. We look beyond race, tribe, denomination, religious or political affiliations and recognize each other first as brothers and sisters. We do not view relationships as a temporary convenience bust seek to maintain  a life-long commitment to each other. Our community and programs in east and central Africa can be conceptualized in three stages of vertically integrated investment in the emerging leaders we work with:

1st Stage:
Maintaining life-transforming learning environments that serve as the entry points for young people into the movement. Programs in this stage are mainly our schools and Cornerstone Leadership Academies.

2nd Stage:
Continuing to help them through higher education while remaining together and then assisting with career development initiatives to get them into key positions within society. Programs in this stage are mainly our university programs and outreach initiatives.

3rd Stage:
Creating and supporting fellowship/support groups that will enable them, as they mature, to walk through life aligned with the highest and best principles so as to create the greatest fruit from the years we have invested in them. Programs in this stage are mainly our alumni associations and professional development activities.

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