Each year we welcome a number of like-minded people from around the world who wish to be a part of our 'family of friends' here in Africa. Most of our visitors come to us through the recommendation of others who have been here previously. So, if you would like to come out - let us know how you got connected to us, what your interests are and what time frame you are thinking about. Please also take a minute to read the following document that outlines briefly some thoughts we have on the appropriate behaviors of visitors in our community:
[appropriate behaviors]

However, there are a few considerations that we would like you to understand. First, we do not have a very formalized program for volunteers or interns, in fact, we prefer to call it our "visitors program." This is because we put more emphasis on first-timers just learning to be WITH people rather than focusing on various tasks to do FOR them. So, we feel the word "visiting" better captures this orientation rather than "volunteering." Related to this is our belief that both the visitors and the young people here have things to learn from or give each other. And, that personal transformation is enhanced on both sides when we invest in relationships rather than just focusing on a set of tasks to be implemented and executed. SO, come be with us, learn and grow with us, and together we can transform ourselves and our world!

If you would like to help out in our efforts but are unable to come out at this time - we have posted a link below to some current funding needs of ours that might be of interest to you.


We have never been big on publicity and active 'fund raising.' Almost all our funding comes from people who have been with us in Eastern Africa and seen first hand our work or recommend it to their friends. We do have 'special needs' that pop up which do not fall under our regular operating budgets. These are usually projects that involve upgrading or repairing some of our existing facilities - or one-time expenses for new initiatives. Supporting one of these projects is a good way to get involved with the high-impact work Cornerstone is doing with youth in this part of the world. Or, if there is something you are particularly interested in supporting - let us know.



If you would like to invest in the work we are doing in Africa please contact us, and we can provide you with more information.